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Seat of your pants driving! Don't walk again...CRUISE!
Motorized wagons are a kick to ride!
We sell complete detailed plans to get you going! INDEPENDENT or STRAIGHT AXLE front-end models. Plans include color/black & white photos, detailed instructions, scaled/full size drawings, parts list, metal list and more!

The Wagon Works helps you create your own adult
motorized wagon. Using our detailed plans you can build your own INDEPENDENT or STRAIGHT AXLE front end motorized cruiser! Add a pup trailer for your cargo!

Are you building a street rod? Are you having trouble with the headers? Then check out the CUSTOM POWER STEERING BRACKET that adapts your headers to your small block motor! This bracket duplicates the pivot point of an OEM power steering pump bracket that is missing when you use headers. It works on any pre-1986 Chevy small block using a long water pump.

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